Don’t be Left in the Dark: How to Choose the Right Handrail Light

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Your handrail lighting system should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. But with so many options available in today’s market, it can be hard to figure out which type of light would work best on your staircase and railing. So how do you choose the right handrail light? Here’s how.

What is a handrail light?

Handrail Light
A handrail light is an energy-efficient lighting fixture that is typically installed near a stairway or other space with a handrail. Also known as baluster light, it provides additional safety when used along staircases and handrails. It’s almost become an industry standard to install these lights if you’re renovating or building a new home, especially when installing new stairs.

Handrail Light Application

Handrail light applicatio 3
LED handrail lighting systems are suitable for unlimited building and interior lighting solutions.
These handrail LED lighting fixtures also provide symmetrical and asymmetric beams to create a beautiful atmosphere and improve the environment.
In addition to handrails and step lighting, this lamp can be used in lobbies, swimming pools, sports stadiums, and walkways.

Different kinds of handrail lights

Handrail lighting system
Enhance aesthetics and visibility with the Lacelesty Armrest Collection, which offers a slim, unobtrusive design and is the perfect solution for any round or square armrest configuration. This continuous flow of light contributes to safety and ambience, providing the most practical lighting.

4 Benefits of handrail lighting


Curve Appeal

Using a curved LED bar not only gives railings a futuristic look but provides enhanced illumination from all sides for a custom fit to your installation design. A curved LED light offers a broad beam, allowing you to light a large area in front of you and redirects the light to one side, instead of pointing directly to the centre of the beam like straight lights.

Minimal Glare

As the human eyes adjust to intense or uncontrolled light, you become more sensitive to things that are not well lit. Glare is bad for pedestrians in certain areas like stairwells and spaces with more than one level.

LED handrails create a comfortable light by eradicating any chance of glare, while hand/bumps rails may be readily noticeable with this technology and its fanning effects can identify any change in elevation on the floor or the texture of a surface.

LEDs are unidirectional, so the light will not radiate outward and produce glare for those outside the area that is lit.

Energy Efficient and Environment-friendly

The lifespan of LED lights is much longer than that of traditional lights. A typical LED bulb should last between 20,000 and 40,000 hours.

Energy-efficient LED lights will decrease power costs and greenhouse gas emissions for the same space as other lighting sources. Aside from being inexpensive and straightforward to repair, LED handrail lighting also has the advantage of being low maintenance.

Transform Other Mundane Walkways

As well as LED handrail lights, LEDs can also be integrated into soft lighting systems for stairways and pathways (also known as LED stair lights, step lighting, and illuminated nosings).

These multi-purpose floor materials are intended to provide a slip-resistant, high-traction surface for foot traffic while also improving visibility in areas where floor levels/elevation may vary.

Handrail light installation

M20 Handrail light installation
When replacing or installing the light, always turn off the power first: to lower the risk of electric shock.
Installed retrofitted installations, as well as drilling to re-seal protective coating to the railings.
Corrosion-resistant surfaces must first be sealed. If the surfaces are exposed, then paint, cold galvanized paint, or something similar is needed.
Screwed-on clamp installation.


Lacelesty lighting China manufacturer
Using attractive leds in handrails can enhance the beauty and security of your home, improve energy efficiency, increase weatherproofing, and require little or no maintenance.

If you’re looking for the best stair banisters and stair lighting, Lacelesty is your pick! Our company is committed to providing the best quality materials at affordable prices. If you have any questions or to get a quote, please contact us immediately!

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