Handrail light

Suits commercial, residential projects and also public spaces and industrial handrail installations.

Handrail lighting system

Lacelesty Illuminated Handrail Systems feature linear or point light fixtures with LED technology for exceptional flexibility, performance and longevity.
Lacelesty has a variety of mounting and filling options and is compatible with most handrail designs.
Find your lighting handrail solution today. Preferred by architects and builders, we light the way by providing illuminated handrails.


LED handrait ligating system, suit for standard handrail made by stainless steel and aluminum.
Different colors from 2700- 6500Kand blue fortEDsara available, iP67 waterproof
Working Temperature:-40 C-+45 Suitor Standard 038-100mm handrail (Symmetrical) or 842-100mm handrail (Asymmetrical) wallthickness>1.5mm for a M16 hole.3M waterproof internalconnectors.Can be driven by350mA/500mA Constant current or 12V/24V LED power supply Aluminum anodized or stainless steel housing.Customized sizes, shape and beam angle on request


ModelPowerSize mmBeam AngleCCTVoltage
M201W/1.5W/1.2WØ42.4 (wall thickness 2mm) / Ø50.8 (wall thickness 2mm) / Ø60.3mm (wall thickness 1.5mm) handrail for a Ø20 hole15°/30°/60°/
Asymmetric 50° 
M251W/1.5W Ø48-63mm which Handrail Wall Thickness is 1.0~1.5mm, for a Ø27 hole60° Symmetric
S30R4W Ø48-52mm Round Handrail which Wall Thickness is 0.8-3.0mm10×100°
S18R0.5W/1.5W/2.5W/3.5WØ48-52mm Handrail which Wall Thickness is 0.8-3.0mm110° 
S291.5W≥50 x 50mm Square or Rectangel Handrail Wall Thickness is 0.8-3mm, for a Ø29-30mm hole90° /Asymmetric 65°


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