Outdoor lighting

Our outdoor LED lights are used in local parks, streets and on architectural features in an attempt to make outdoor space ideal for urban socializing.

offering new possibilities in Outdoor lighting.

Lacelesty providing an expressive and architectural touch to your project. The light effect is reinforced, resulting in maximum beam spread and powerful play of light. Outdoor fixtures using a lens provide a unique effect when used on their own, but can also add an attractive and artistic touch when used in a composition or well thought-out setup.

The striking light silhouettes enable you to play with light lines on wall, floor or ceiling. With energy efficiency as a priority, Allows you to match a stylish and atmospheric garden, with a sustainable and ecological application of light.

one-stop solutions

Our comprehensive range of products makes a “one stop solutions”. custom-made LED products to meet the local market special needs by multiple lighting distribution, multi-function control system, different finishing of treatment.

Each product and package under strict quality control from material to completed unit, Lacelesty focus on premium and Humanized design concept product, we aim to make unique, endurable and affordable lights to benefit your projects by our professionals.

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