How high should bollards light be

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bollards light

1) Confines

“ The confines of bollards and posts are determined in agreement with the illustration contrary and take into account the following interpretations
• the height is measured from the face of the path;
• the overall range, the lowest of the confines, or the periphery are measured in the vertical aeroplane.
The height must be at least 50cm.However, its range or periphery must be at least 28 cm, If the bollard or post is 50 cm high.
Still, the range or minimum periphery of its base is equally commensurable to its height, If the bollard or post is advanced than 50 cm.
For caseHow high should bollards light be
• the height of the post is1.10 m at the veritably least for a periphery or range of 6 cm;
• a bollard with a range or periphery of 21 cm is at least 60 cm high

2) Contraste

Differ is useful for the visually bloodiedhelping them more perceive road cabinetwork.
As a general rule, the item of road cabinetwork should differ explosively with its immediate surroundings.
• A light-coloured bollard contrasts with a dark ground
• A dark bollard contrasts with a light-coloured structure
Still, the body of the bollard or post should differ explosively with the top over a height of 100 mm in the most common cases, If there isn’t enough discrepancy with the surroundings.

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