How to choose the right lighting color temperature

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Color temperature is a significant factor when considering buying a LED lights. This post will tell you what color temperature is and how to choose the right color temperature for your lights.


What Is Color Temperature?

color temperature

The color temperature (CCT) of a light source indicates the appearance of the color of the light. The CCT is measured in kelvin units, with higher numbers corresponding to bluer, or “cooler” tones like those from a fluorescent tube (3100K to 4500K), and lower numbers corresponding to orangish, yellower, softer, “warmer” tones from an old incandescent lamp (2000K to 3000K).


Which colour temperature should I choose?

When choosing the right color temperature for your needs, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, consider what type of room the LED lighting will be used in. Secondly, decide what the main purpose of the LED lighting is. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most important information for each color temperature below. This way, you can be sure to find the perfect LED lighting for your needs at Lacelesty Lighting.


Less than 2000K

The light from this candle is very dim, making it ideal for places where you want low light and ambient illumination. It’s not used very often, but it can be perfect for the right setting.


This temperature range is perfect for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in any space. The extra warmth makes it ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor spaces like cinema halls, pubs, hotels, and restaurants.


The 3000 Kelvin color temperature is ideal for creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. It’s a crisper yellowish-white that effectively reduces imperfections and relaxes the eyes. The slight yellowish warmth contributes to the coziness of the indoor space. This type of light is most suitable for counters, waiting rooms, corridors, halls, foyers, spas, reception areas, and changing rooms. You have a wide choice range in LED lighting with a 3000 Kelvin color temperature. At workplaces, color temperature plays a key role in energizing employers. General lighting (3000 Kelvin) has a larger beam angle and comes in different light sources and fixtures, like LED tubes and panels.


Kelvin is a bright, refreshing color that is perfect for work environments. It is neither too yellowish nor too bluish, which creates a balanced color tone. This establishes an environment that keeps workers alert throughout the day. Kelvin is a preferred light in places where task lighting is required, such as offices, showrooms, schools, beauty salons, vanities, hairdressing salons, and kitchens. The main objective of using Kelvin is to highlight paintings and products.


At 6500 Kelvin, this light has a bluish or stark white appearance. It is preferred for specific sectors and situations, especially where very bright illumination is needed. This refreshing light is most suitable for laboratories, security lighting, operation rooms, printing offices, displaying artwork, and treatment rooms (for example, lighting above a treatment chair in a dental setup). These lights are perfect for fixtures that can be adjusted with ease.


Color temperature application

2000K Red Cozy, Warm Decorative
2700K Orange Relaxing, Calming, Inviting, Vintage Dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms,bathrooms, pendant lamps, restaurants, ambient lighting,table/floor lamps, cafe, bars, lounges, vintage look
3000K Yellow Calming, Friendly, Inviting Home office, garages, work areas,basements. schools. hotel lobby. residential kitchens. pendantlamps, restaurants, ambient lighting, table/floor lamps, bathrooms
4000K White Bright Clean, Precise, Vibrant Garages. work areas. basements residential kitchens, office task lighting, classrooms, hometask lighting, pantry or closet
6500K Silver Alert, Intense Security, retail/display, street lighting, laundry, large industrial spaces, warehouses, large commercial space, high precision work



Lacelesty lighting China manufacturer

In conclusion, the right lighting color temperature for a space depends on the intended purpose of the room. For example, a warm light is good for a living room, while a cool light is better for a workspace. The type of light bulbs also affects the color temperature. You can get help choosing the right lighting for your space by contacting us at Lacelesty lighting.

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