Installation Underground lights System and preventives

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Installation Underground lights The construction quality problems of underground lights or aquatic lights are substantially the water seepage of the lights and the water leakage in the middle junction box of the line.

thus, when planning the construction scheme of the underground lights or aquatic lighting, the power force line should borrow the applicable connection system to minimize the intermediate joint; when the intermediate joint is necessary, it’s necessary to find a centralized connection box at the applicable position on the ground.

The beacon- side power force side connector of the beacon is concentrated in the junction box connection; when the beacon is unpacked and equipped with light source and wiring on point, the sealing position of the beacon may be lowered due to environmental and indecorous operation, leaving a quality hazard, and the product is needed to be packed when necessary.

A good light source with a length of beacon base is critical. thus, a reasonable and comprehensive construction plan is of great significance to ameliorate the quality of the design.

1. Before installing the underground lights, the power must be cut off first. This is the first step in the installation of all electrical outfit and is the base for safe operation.

2. Before installing the underground lights, the colorful factors used in the lighting should be arranged first. The underground lightsis a special geography LED light that’s buried underground. formerly installed, it’s veritably worrisome to install corridor and refill it. So be prepared before installation.

3. Before installing the underground lights, first drill a hole according to the size of the bedded part, and also fix the bedded part with concrete. The bedded part serves to insulate the LED from the main body of the beacon and the soil, and can insure the service life of the underground lights.

4. Before installing the underground lights, you should bring your own IP67 or IP68 wiring device to connect the external power input to the power string of the beacon body. also, the power cord of the LED buried beacon requires a VDE- certified leakproof power cord to insure the service life of the LED buried beacon.

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