Jewelry store lighting tricks

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Jewelry store lighting tricks

The right type of lighting can showcase your jewelry in a way that catches a client’s eye, commands their attention, and leads to a trade. But with so numerous lighting options available, it can be delicate to figure out which bones make most sense for your jewelry displays.

The Significance of Proper Case Lighting

Perfecting the art of lighting can be quite a challenge when it comes to illuminating jewelry that’s on display. For illustration, it needs to be unevenly distributed inside each case. Else you run the threat of casting murk and having light that detracts from the natural beauty of the jewelry on display. Picking the right color temperatures and lighting situations is also important, since it should always enhance the precious essence and monuments in your collection.

Color Temperature Matters … A lot

When it comes to lighting jewelry cases, it’s important to keep color temperature in mind. Color temperatures are measured on the Kelvin( K) scale, with lower figures more unheroic and advanced figures more blue.
Lighting temperatures are generally grouped into 3 different orders

• 2200K to 3000K, which is considered soft or warm white. This lighting is perfect for gold jewelry, as well as rocks that are unheroic and orange.

• 2500K to 4100K, which is announced as cool white or white. This type of lighting is good for general purposes, since it’s more neutral.

• 5000K to 6500K, which is blue-white, and what utmost bulb manufacturers call “ daylight. ” This type of lighting is perfect for special display cases, diamonds and other types of jewelry that you want to stand out.

How to Set Up Your Jewelry Cases

Utmost jewelry is small. How and where you shine light on it can drastically change its appearance. A good light source should be placed at the top and back of the show. This will produce maximum sparkle. You want the reflections from the light to produce a dynamic sparkle, so trial with placement and angles. This way, light will reflect off of your wares, and diamonds in particular.

Lighting Options

While there are an nearly measureless variety of bulb options available to light your jewelry cases, then are the two most popular

• LED Light Strips – LED light strips come in a variety of different colors and situations of brilliance, which makes them both practical and protean. What’s more, they induce brilliant light using minimum electricity. They also don’t induce heat. They’re a perfect option for diamonds and platinum, both of which look stylish under lighting at a color temperature of around 6500k. Lighting your jewelry cases with direct LED strips deposited either vertically or horizontally inside the wall will also help exclude light.

• Fluorescent Lighting – Fluorescent lighting produces a warm light that can help enhance the visibility of your jewelry. It works best in the reverse of display cases since it provides just enough light for your jewelry. Plus, it keeps the case at an optimal color temperature of about 3500k. Fluorescent lighting is extremely practical, and truly enhances the visual rudiments of the essence and colors in utmost jewelry.

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When it’s time to consider your jewelry cases and lighting options turn to professionals you cantrust.However, communicate us moment, If you would like to learn further about how to pick the perfect lighting for your jewelry cases.

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