How to select the right LED handrail lights for your handrail system project?

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Choose the right LED handrail lights

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To select the right LED handrail lights for your project, it’s important to understand several technical requirements:
  • Do you need asymmetric or symmetric light?
  • What is the dimension of the handrail tube in which the lights will be installed?
  • What is the wall thickness of the handrail tube?
  • Is a constant current or constant voltage circuit required?

Asymmetric vs. Symmetric Light

LED handrail lights asymmetric lightingLED handrail lights symmetrical lighting

Asymmetric Lighting: Great for lighting paths between two handrails, these lights shine to the side. They make people to see the path and help people walk safely.
Symmetric Lighting: Best for places where handrails are above glass, this type lights up the area right under the handrail. It makes the space more visually attractive.

Dimension of the Handrail Tube


Handrail tubes come in various dimensions and shapes, including round and square. It’s crucial to measure both the diameter for round tubes and the width and height for square tubes to ensure the lights fit perfectly. This dimension directly influences the types of fixtures you can use and their installation method.
Especially for the round handrail tube, in order to achieve the matching of the curvature of the handrail light and the handrail tube after installation, each handrail light are available for one or some handrail tube diameters. Some handrail lights are only suitable for round handrail tubes of a certain size, such as a handrail tube with a diameter of 42.4mm.

Wall Thickness of the Handrail Tube

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The thickness of the handrail tube’s wall is vital for selecting the appropriate mounting hardware.
In addition, different handrail light have different wall thicknesses for different handrail tubes. The small wall thickness may be only 1.5mm, and the large wall thickness may even reach 6mm.

Constant Current vs. Constant Voltage

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A constant current system is preferred for LED handrail lights where uniform brightness is crucial, especially in longer runs. This system maintains consistent light output despite any length-related voltage drop.
Constant voltage systems are typically used for shorter sections where voltage drop is minimal, simplifying the installation and wiring process.
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