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Are you wondering how to make your backyard look great during the night? There are plenty of ways to make your yard look great during the day, but at night, you may be stuck with just watching the moon and stars until you go to sleep or finish that last chapter of your book. You don’t have to leave your view in darkness, though! With landscape lighting, you can add high-quality lighting without breaking the bank and without adding too much extra work to your schedule. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create the perfect lighting scheme, no matter if you want something simple or complex.


What is Landscape Lighting?


Landscape lighting is a form of decorative outdoor lighting that is typically installed along walkways, on porches, and in other areas surrounding the home. Landscape lighting can be used to highlight or add interest and character to various landscape features such as trees, shrubs, flowers, and ponds. There are many different types of landscape lighting including spotlights, floodlights, and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that can be used as a more energy-efficient alternative to conventional bulbs.


Benefits of Landscape Lighting

There are many benefits associated with landscape lighting for homeowners, which we will mention below.

An improved aesthetic appeal

Lights improve the look of your outdoor area by illuminating darkened areas so you can achieve a better overall appearance. In addition to seeing a difference in the overall look of your property, you will also see a difference in your lawns and gardens.

Your neighbors are bound to love the way your home shines brightly at night. All you need to do is put some outdoor lighting around the home, either in the front or the back, and you’ll get the best outcome possible.


The right amount of brightness outdoors can enhance your landscape’s overall appeal, especially if you have a lot of multi-shape trees or a fountain.

But to avoid forgetting the smaller details, some like viewing angles may make a huge difference to the way you do your tree lighting, but I’ll cover more on that later.

Landscape lighting enhances security

Many homeowners worry about the safety of their properties, because the possibility of burglaries and theft, or other similar crimes is so prevalent.

Installing a security and alarm system might be a good way to enhance the way your yard or ground looks, but to make things safer for you, think about light fixtures around your trees.

Makes the most of outdoor space

In addition to creating visual interest, outdoor spaces can make your property look much bigger than it is.

To create a moonlight effect in your garden, you need to create a focal point. Nevertheless, properly placed lighting fixtures can improve how large or small your property looks.

Maintain an inviting and presentable exterior

If you’d like to improve your curb appeal, then add a light display on the Christmas tree! Most homes look nice during the day but lose their grandeur at night due to bad lighting. Nevertheless, installing landscape lighting will significantly improve your home’s appearance and curb appeal. All you have to do is wait and see how your place stands next to the outside world.


What Should be Considered When Buying Landscape Lighting?


To achieve the perfect look for your home, Landscape Lighting is a fundamental part of the process. However, setting up the perfect Landscape Lighting isn’t as easy as it seems. To come up with further light ideas, we recommend putting a few factors into consideration.


Take a look at the current lighting

A perfect tree lighting design starts by considering what you have right now in your outdoor space. If you do not have any lighting setup, then you will have to start from scratch.

If the outdoors already have lighting, however, consider what you can do about it. For instance, start by considering whether you need new light connections, light placement changes, and light varieties.

It is common for new residences to have landscape lighting installed on the left and right corners of the building. This helps create even lighting throughout the area and creates a more balanced look.

Structure of Your Property

Your house’s architecture influences the final look of your lights in a major way. Take extra measures if you have an out-of-the-ordinary architecture or house to make sure there are adequate spots of light. With this lighting, your property will benefit from some of the best possible lighting options available.

Furthermore, put up path lights, or lights that create an accent in the surroundings to create an overall more pleasant atmosphere. Doing this will get you a better overall view of your home.

Decide on a Concept

Considerations before deciding on Landscape Lighting include selecting a suitable theme for the grounds, landscaping, and home. Installing incandescent light bulbs instead of brighter LED alternatives might sound like a less daunting task, but is much less desirable. Instead, we recommend choosing the color of light that you prefer.

Some homeowners prefer to light up their backyards, while others prefer to emphasize the spotlight shining directly through path lights.

Nonetheless, it may be a good idea to install some low-voltage lighting in the bathroom because you might have to spend more money on these options.

Light options should be considered

Landscape tree lighting Angle reference

Focus your outdoor lighting designs on smaller trees along the wall to create a subtle uplighting appearance while saving energy. It is all about your taste in terms of bulbs, light, and fixing options for landscape lighting.

Placement depends on the source and the amount of lighting you want.

You can upgrade your outdoor lighting with a simple spotlight or you can choose several smaller lights to create a balanced and pleasing look.

If, alternatively, a flood light is desired, consider getting fixtures with wide-angle beams for maximum illumination when outdoors. Floodlights work in a similar way to spotlights but differ in one key way.


Practical Methods to Brighten your Outdoor Space

For the creation of the desired effect, it’s crucial to light a space wisely, consider the range of lights when purchasing, and know the power requirements of your lighting fixtures.

For instance, if you’re not mounting spotlights to a surface, they’re just useless for illuminating surfaces such as up or out. On the other hand, selecting the right fixture ensures good energy dispersion all over the yard or on the wall you want to light up.

Your light will reflect at an angle of 15 degrees from the original lighting since most lights have a 15-degree spread. In this case, check the placement carefully.

It is recommended you keep 155 degrees of difference if you want the light to reach the ground. In the same way, a floodlight has a 30-degree coverage area. in that case, you can add a fountain or similar piece to the outdoor space.

The lighting may be focused on the desired part of the tree which is called down lighting.


Landscape Lighting Ideas and Guide

Landscape lighting ideas should be easy to install, affordable, and easy to maintain. However, tree-lighting ideas are difficult to incorporate into a property.

Following are the most common concerns and questions people ask about lighting in this comprehensive guide.

What are your best suggestions for how to light a large tree?

If you use lights for the trees, the lighting scheme will have a more dramatic effect on the garden trees, producing a more vertical appearance to the plants. This improves the appearance of the section.

For example, you can use metal halide uplights to add some diffusion at a three-sixty-degree angle. This angle is perfect because it lets some light penetrate through the trees, balancing out the ambiance.

Place the lighting above the water table at a distance of at least 300 mm from the shingle drainage beneath the fitting.

Is it possible to create downlighting?

Landscape downward lighting

In your garden, ideally, the best type of light is on top of a tree between its branches and directed downward for that perfect downlight look. Downlighting is perfect for spotlighting the flowers and plants in your outdoor space.

On the one hand, you can put up your lights around the tree branches to produce a more moonlight effect in the garden. But make sure that you install the lighting equipment properly. This also produces a cast shadow on the patio and the area around it.

In what ways can you draw attention to a tree?

For users who wish to create a spotlight on a tree, accent lighting is the most common option and you should try to position as much lighting as you have on your tree.

To clarify, suppose you have a tree next to a wall, then installing Christmas lights an arm’s length from the tree. Lightbulbs with a spread of 10° – 15° will suffice for the trunk.

To create the perfect spotlight in a tree, we recommend mixing several sources, spread ranges, and color temperatures.

How would you decorate the bottom of a tree?

It may sound simple, but lighting the bottom of a tree is one of the most challenging aspects of creating perfect lighting in your outdoor space. This is because most people prefer easier alternatives such as wrapping lights around the tree trunk and bottom.

To create the perfect lighting on the bottom of a tree, you must combine lights with different color temperatures, light intensity, and light range.

It’s best to use high-intensity lighting so the vegetation on the ground (like shrubs, flowers, and bushes) becomes visible. If you have the lights focused on the tree’s trunk, it will appear too dark.

How much uplighting do I need to illuminate my tree with landscape lighting?

Lighting a tree depends on several factors. However, as a general rule, 80-120 lumens is sufficient to create a balanced look on the outdoor lighting as a whole.

Make sure trees have colored-up lights

Landscape RGB color lighting

Colored-up lights for the trees will let you mix different shades of lighting, thereby balancing out the dark patches. For example, you can put up colored lights on the branches of trees or around the edges of the ceiling so they look good together.



Lacelesty lighting China manufacturer

Landscape lighting is a great way to ensure that your property looks great as a whole. However, integrating these tree lighting can be tricky. In addition to considering your property structure, the concept of your choice, your lighting options, and the color temperature you desire, you should also consider the location of your property.

Contact Lacelesty Lighting to speak with a representative, and you will be contacted shortly. Let us assist you with the lighting of your trees.

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