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The most important component of any LED light bulb is the LED chip. Many LED lights fail due to LED chips. Let’s see which brands belong to the top LED chip manufacturers in the world! You can consider using them to make LED lights.



LED Chip

Founded in 1987, Cree LED began with a focus on semiconductor materials and fueled the adoption of blue LED die in automotive and display backlighting applications.

Throughout the 1990s we further refined LED technology and became a leading innovator in the space. Cree LED accelerated the LED Lighting Revolution in 2006 with the launch of the industry’s first packaged lighting-class LED, the XLamp® XR-E LED.

Cree LED pioneered the lighting-class LED, producing billions of the industry’s best LEDs for nearly every illumination application. Our application-optimized products and expert design assistance ensure the best possible performance for your design. Cree LED holds more than 4000 LED patents and though we lead the industry in performance, we never stop innovating. Our products are built on scalable architectures that enable design upgrades with “drop-in” improvements.



Osram led

The world’s second-largest manufacturer of optoelectronic semiconductors, known for manufacturing lighting equipment, sensors, and image processors.

ams Osram is one of the guiding lights both in technological development and in the manufacture of high-quality products. For nearly four decades, the high-tech company has been investing in research and developing new products on the technological cutting edge – enabling ams Osram to set international standards in the fields of illumination, visualization and sensor technology.

The expertise of ams Osram extends from basic semiconductor technologies to individual customer applications. The company produces top-quality solutions in various fields such as sensor technology and laser systems. The product portfolio comprises high-performance light-emitting diodes (LEDs) – e.g. for automotive and general lighting applications – miniature LEDs for mobile devices, as well as infrared diodes (IRED), semiconductor lasers and detectors. The global player accords top priority to offering its customers professional and comprehensive support based on many years of well-founded expertise.



Nichia led

NICHIA was founded in 1956, entrusting dreams and hopes to phosphor raw materials that bring out a single beam of light. Since then, we have surprised the world with innovations such as LEDs and LDs (semiconductor lasers). Let’s continue to create the world’s best products with our unique technology for the future and the irreplaceable global environment. Beyond the times, let’s deliver the thoughts of “Ever Researching for a Brighter World” with you.


Toyoda Gosei


Toyoda Gosei, based in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, makes auto parts and LED chips, which account for about 10 percent of the company’s revenue.

In terms of light quality, the Japanese manufacturer is one of the best manufacturers of LED chips. Since Toyoda Gosei uses the same phosphor as Niticha, they can provide excellent light quality. Toyoda Gosei’s latest innovation is based on a proprietary technology that mixes red, blue and green phosphors to develop LEDs that reproduce natural sunlight. This new technology demonstrates a new level of human comfort and with the highest CRI, it will allow people to see colors as they would in sunlight. This new technology will be perfectly suited for many lighting applications, such as fashion retail, art and museums, and inspection processes.



Agilent led

As a leading supplier of LED chips, Agilent’s products provide efficient and reliable light sources for a wide range of applications, including automobiles, electronic information boards, traffic signals, industrial equipment, cellular phones and consumer products. The high reliability of these components often ensures that the light source does not need to be replaced during the lifespan of the device. Agilent offers a variety of low-cost dot matrix LED displays, seven-segment display devices and LED light bars in different shapes and colors.



Toshiba LED

Toshiba offers a wide range of semiconductor and memory products, making us a single source choice for many solutions and customers. We work closely with OEMs, ODMs, CMs, VARs as well as retailers and our distribution partners to determine the right product mix and new technology innovations.

Toshiba Semiconductor is a major supplier of LED chips for automotive applications, especially dashboard backlights, car radios, navigation systems, climate control and other units. The technology they used was InGaAlP with wavelengths from 560nm (pure green) to 630nm (red). Recently, Toshiba has developed a new technology (ultraviolet + phosphor) that combines UV and phosphor. The ultraviolet light emitted by the LED chip is combined with the excited phosphor to provide a variety of light colors, such as white light, pink, lemon Green isochromatic color.



Lumileds leds

With more than 100 years of inventions and industry firsts, Lumileds is a global lighting solutions company helping customers around the world deliver differentiated solutions to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Lumileds Lighting is a global leader in high-power LED chips and solid-state lighting. Their products are widely used in lighting, television, traffic signals and general lighting. Luxeon Power Light Sources are their patented products, which combine the appearance of traditional lamps with the small size and long life of LED chips. They also offer a variety of LED wafers and LED packages that emit red, green, blue, yellow, and white light, among others.




Seoul Semiconductor was founded in 1992 with about 30 employees in a small space in a commercial building in Bongjin-dong, Seoul. Over the years, we have grown exponentially and created many success stories

Seoul Semiconductor is the largest manufacturer of eco-friendly LED lighting technology in Korea and one of the top eight manufacturers in the world. The main business of Seoul Semiconductor is to produce a full line of LED assembly and custom module products, including AC-driven semiconductor light source products such as Acriche, side-light LED chips, top-light LED chips, chip LED chips, plug-in LED chips and piranha (super bright) LEDs chip. Products have been widely used in general lighting, display lighting, backlighting of mobile phones, TVs, notebook computers, automotive lighting, household products and traffic lights.



samsung LED

As a cutting-edge pioneer in LED technology, Samsung LED marks a new era for the global industry. The product line offered by our company includes core components of LED lighting systems, including modules for various uses in displays, mobile devices, automobiles, and smart lighting solutions.

Samsung LED is committed to playing a leading role in LED applications and components through smart and innovative lighting methods. We will continue to invest in technology development and design to go beyond the boundaries of LEDs and create innovations for business and society.



SEMILEDS e1671703249838

Incorporated in Delaware in January 2005, SemiLEDs Corporation is a manufacturer of ultra-high brightness LED chips with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan.

SemiLEDs is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of High Performance Light Emitting Diodes (HPLDs) for general lighting applications, and its LED chips are the smartest and most efficient on the market today. SemiLEDs using copper alloy substrates have successfully developed and commercialized MvPLED technology (Metal Vertical Photonic Light Emitting Diodes). With the metal substrate and unique device structure, SemiLEDs’ HPLEDs have better electrical and thermal conductivity, resulting in higher brightness, efficiency and better heat transfer. SemiLEDs’ HPLEDs are suitable for lighting applications including displays, signage, communications, automotive, and general lighting.



epistar led

EPISTAR was established in Hsinchu Science and Technology Industrial Park in 1996, specializing in the production of ultra-high brightness diode (LED) epitaxial chips and dies. And relying on its own metal organic epitaxy (MOVPE) technology to develop ultra-high brightness diode system products.

Epistar Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets high brightness light emitting diode (LED) products. Working with a host of global brands, the company helps bring LED applications to cell phones, laptops, televisions, and many more products.



bridgelux led

Bridgelux, a leading developer and manufacturer of lighting technologies and solutions, headquartered in Livermore, CA, is a leader in solid-state lighting (SSL), expanding the power of LED lighting by reducing the cost of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting systems. technology market.

Bridgelux develops and manufactures lighting technology based on energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs). It offers high power LED array and LED chip products in cool, neutral and warm white lighting solutions. The company also offers outdoor lighting modules, chip-on-board (COB) LED array products, solid-state lighting solutions and LED chips.

With more than 450 patents filed or held worldwide, Bridgelux is the only vertically integrated LED solid-state light source manufacturer and developer, designing solutions exclusively for the lighting industry.



Lacelesty lighting China manufacturer

The LED lighting market is growing. Good companies will have more opportunities in this market. There are some other led chips also doing well in the market. Just like EverLight, Sanan, SHOWA DENKO, Edison, LG, etc. So we have to maintain our high quality standards. Then there will be more business from all over the world.

High-quality LED chips are very important for our LED lighting fixtures. Lacelesty focuses on high quality LED lighting fixtures, we only use the best quality LED chips. Welcome customers from all over the world to contact us for cooperation.

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