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An LED driver is a device used to power LEDs. They are available in a variety of voltages and currents to suit the specific needs of the application. Many brands offer LED drivers with different features and capabilities.

When selecting an LED driver, it is important to consider the specific requirements of the application. Some factors to consider include the type of LED, the operating voltage and current, the ambient temperature, and the required lifetime of the application.

It is also important to consider the efficiency of the LED driver. Some brands offer more efficient drivers than others. The most efficient drivers useSwitch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) technology.

To help you select the best LED driver for your application, we have compiled a list of the top 12 LED driver and power supply brands.



LED Driver

The Philips brand is licensed to Signify, world leader in lighting, for lighting products and services. Philips is Signify’s primary brand for lamps, luminaires, and other lighting products for both professionals and consumers.

From programmable and connected drivers to feature-optimized drivers, Advance by Signify has the solutions to help take advantage of everything LED technology has to offer. By partnering with Advance, you leverage the latest improvements in LED technology for lighting opportunities. Our driver technology is engineered to maximize the performance of efficient LED modules.

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Xitanium Series

CertaDrive Series

Xitanium SR Series



Osram led

Osram provides innovative and sustainable lighting solutions Osram’s product portfolio ranges from modules, LED lamps and luminaires to light management systems, the semiconductor company under Osram, has the best products not only in LED chips, but also in the field of LED drivers


Product classification

Constant Current Linear – Indoor

Constant Current Compact – Indoor

Constant Current – Outdoor

Constant pressure – indoor

Constant pressure – outdoor

Programming Tools and Accessories



MEAN WELL led driver

Founded in 1982, MEAN WELL is one of the few manufacturers in the world dedicated to standard power supply products. According to a report released by Micro Technology in March 2021, it ranks 4th among global power supply (DC output) manufacturers. 99% of MEAN WELL’s sales are standard power products sold under the MEAN WELL brand.


Product classification

LED driver



metal case power supply

track power

The most common series are: AP, ELG, HLG, HGB, LP, XLG, LCM and LRS.



TRIDONIC led driver

Tridonic is a world-leading supplier of lighting technology, supporting customers with intelligent hardware and software, and delivering the highest levels of quality, reliability and energy efficiency. As the world’s leading provider of intelligent and efficient lighting solutions, Tridonic helps its customers and business partners to achieve greater success by making professional lighting smarter, more exciting and more sustainable


Product classification

Universal Input LED Driver

Engineering Linear Actuators

Constant Current Output Driver

Compact LED Driver

Outdoor LED Driver

LED Track Head Driver



Moso led driver

MOSO, a well-known national high-tech enterprise in China, was established in 2006. The main product lines are LED drivers, consumer SPS drivers, photovoltaic inventors, etc.

MOSO’s main business is outdoor high-power LED driver, covering road lighting LED driver, horticultural lighting LED driver, high-power lighting LED driver, industrial lighting LED driver, landscape lighting LED driver, traffic and railway lighting LED driver. The company has industry Leading research and development capabilities and proprietary technologies, with more than 200 patents.



图层 1

Eaglerise Electric & Electronic (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1990s in Foshan, China. Now we have 3 production bases, 3 R&D centers.

Eaglerise provides competitive power supplies, component products and solutions to the global market. Our main product lines include 7 major categories and over 500 models, covering LED drivers, LED lighting fixtures, solar step-up transformers, distribution transformers, industrial control transformers, vehicle power supplies, and communication power supplies. Eaglerise is making continuous efforts to become a first-class industry supplier.

The Eaglerise LED drivers are compact, constant current, constant voltage, and smart control drivers. Most of their drivers are for indoor use. With a stable and long history, the Eaglerise is one of the most likable brands in LED lighting.



inventronics led driver

Founded in 2007, Inventronics is one of the world’s top LED driver manufacturers focused on creating innovative, highly reliable and long-life products that are certified to meet all major international safety and performance standards.

Inventronics offers one of the largest LED driver product lines in the solid state lighting industry. Our LED driver product line includes constant power, high current, high input voltage, constant voltage, programmable, control-ready, and various form factors, among many other options, to provide design flexibility for nearly any application.



LIFUD led driver

Since 2007, when Lifud was established, Lifud team has been sticking to the value concept of “integrity, responsibility and dedication”. We are determined to become a leading provider of LED power supply and intelligent system solution. Lifud is committed to offering excellent-performance and high-reliability LED driver and smart lighting system to commerce, residence, industry, road and other environments where lighting is needed so as to contribute to the world’s green lighting and human-centric lighting.


Product classification

Dimmable Indoor Lighting Driver

Non-dimmable Indoor Lighting Driver

Industrial & Outdoor Lighting Driver

LED Display Power Supply

Almost all series got 5 years of warranty, and price competitive, a rising star in LED driver industry.



LTECH led driver

LTECH always insists on taking scientific and technological innovation as the core and constantly brings new technology into the field of intelligent lighting, which has already created new intelligent LED lighting control technology. With possessing the core competencies of AI+IoT+Cloud+Actuator, LTECH developed three hardware product lines-“LED Lighting Control System”, ” Intelligent LED Driver” and “Smart Home”, meeting the demands of smart scenes for lighting enterprises, commercial space and residential homes.

Smart “All In One” Step Down Transformers with PWM Dimmed Output- Designed to receive a dimming control signal (DALI, 0/1-10V, DMX) and a mains AC feed, mains electric is stepped down to produce a low voltage PWM dimmed output at either a constant voltage or constant current. For traditional “Mains Voltage” TRIAC/Trailing Edge dimmed circuits we can also offer “Mains Dimmed” drivers which only require a feed from a traditional mains electric dimmer switch.


Product classification

DALI drivers

DMX512/RDM drivers

Triac drivers

01-10V drivers

Magnetic suction rail drivers

Tuya IOT drivers

US drivers

Non-dimmable drivers



hep led driver

HEP Tech is a LED driver manufacturer and was founded in 2002. We have accumulated rich experiences in custom LED driver. Keep an open mind to explore technologies from all over the world to develop innovative products. We specialize in designing and manufacturing safe, energy-saving, and delicate electronic lighting components with significant innovations in dimmable lighting. All HEP devices are running through an outstanding quality check process.


Product classification

Wireless Control LED Driver

CC Track Light

CC Dimmable

CC Non-Dimmable

CV Dimmable

CV Non-Dimmable

PSE LED Driver

UL LED Driver

Flood Light

Outdoor LED Driver

Accessories /APP



EUCHIPS led driver removebg preview

Euchips was founded in 2005 and located in Shanghai. The company has devoted to research, development and sales for 16 years. Faced with the fierce competition and higher popularity in LED markets, the founder of Euchips turned the development direction of core products to high-grade LED controllers and dimmers with his sensitivity to the market and confidence to the research team.

In the controlling system field, Euchips joined DALI and KNX organization. DMX, DALI, 0-10V, Triac and KNX dimming control system produced by Euchips’ R&D team provided intelligent lighting solutions for customers all around the world.



Kegu led driver

Guangdong Kegu power ecectronics Co_ Ltd. is a global supplier of LED drivers since 2008 and becomes one of the most important player in LED driver industry.Kegu power is sticking to providing good quality products and complete services, continuous technical innovation and creating values to customers all the time.


Product classification

Controls and Connectivity Driver

Emergency Lighting Driver

Outdoor LED Driver

Indoor LED Driver

Intrack LED Driver

smart control drivers

With global approvals and reliable quality. Almost all series got 3 or 5 years of warranty, and price competitive, another rising star in LED driver industry.



Lacelesty lighting China manufacturer

Choosing the right LED Driver or Power Supply for your application is a critical design decision. The right LED Driver can improve the efficiency of your system, prolong the life of your LEDs, and provide the necessary protection to your investment.

Lacelesty focuses on high quality LED lighting fixtures, we only use the best quality LED Driver and power supply. Welcome customers from all over the world to contact us for cooperation.

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