Underwater lights: How to pick the right ones for your needs

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Underwater lights come in many different styles, each with its features and application, which makes it hard to choose the right one. If you’re looking into buying underwater lights, it might be tempting to just buy whatever catches your eye on the shelves at the store, but you can end up spending more money than necessary on items that aren’t as useful as they could be. This guide will help you pick the best underwater lights so you don’t have to worry about all the options out there or wonder if you’re spending your money on something subpar.


What Are Underwater Lights?

Underwater lights

Underwater lights are a type of spotlight designed to function underwater. To review, spotlights concentrate their illumination on a single spot. Underwater lighting has many uses. It can be utilized to focus attention on a feature underwater, or above the surface of the water.


Benefits of Installing Underwater light

  • Illuminate the Water – When the Underwater light is installed, you can see what’s inside the water, even in the evening hours. This gives you a closer look at the fountain, pool, and birdbath features. You see obstacles coming when you are on a dock like something your boat could collide with, for example.
  • Expand Functionality of the Feature –Not only will you be able to see the water and the structures containing it at night, but you’ll also be able to use the space or feature at night in addition to during the day.
  • Can Light Surrounding Area -Selecting a light type and strength depends on the fountain, including some surrounding areas or just the central feature.
  • Safety – By making sure the water feature is lit up at night, visitors who don’t see it when they drive on the property know it’s there and can avoid running into it. Prevention is important for this because, beyond the risk of stumbling and tripping, there is also the risk of drowning for children, small animals, and creatures with more water features.
  • Security—This helps keep your space secure by deterring wild animals, even seemingly harmless ones like raccoons and skunks, as well as criminals.
  • Easy to Install— if you are handy, you can install underwater lights yourself since they are usually low-voltage lights.
  • Available as LEDs -The best underwater light source is an LED light. It’s got all of the benefits of an LED light plus all of the advantages of underwater lighting. It’s important to remember that LEDs are more energy-efficient, provide greater savings on your electric bill, last longer, and require less maintenance. That is to say, they have more even, high-quality light.


What Are Different Types of Underwater light?

Lacelesty lighting CATALOG

  • Pool lights
  • Pond lights
  • Fountain lights
  • Dock lights
  • Spa lights

Where Are Underwater Lights Used?

Lacelesty underwater light

Underwater lights are sometimes used in ponds, pools, and fountains in landscaping. It can also be found on docks and other areas where the water needs to be lit up.

How to Choose Underwater light

1. Waterproofing

IP waterproof class scaled

Before you even take a look at these lightings, make sure they’re waterproof. Make sure there is a waterproof rating and it should also specify if it is safe for underwater use.

If a spotlight can handle rain, it cannot handle submerging it in water. Keep this in mind. Thus, you must confirm that the lighting of your choice can be submerged.

2. LEDs should be considered

You will benefit from all the benefits associated with LED underwater lights, including energy efficiency, durability, longevity, and improved quality of light.

3. Voltage

The most common underwater lighting is led light strips as these use a lower voltage that reduces the likelihood of something happening to them due to them being near the water because you do not need as high a voltage and because the lower voltage is easier for an inexperienced person to install than one at a higher voltage.

4. Brightness

A consideration when using spotlights is to consider whether or not the level of light is appropriate for what you are using them for. These lights are generally more intense than other light sources. The most reliable measure of a bulb’s brightness is its wattage.

5. Beam Width or Angle

Underwater light beam Angle

Along with thinking about how intense the beam should be, it is important to consider how narrow or wide the beam should be. Spotlights are more focused, with narrower angles, while some others offer wider angles to illuminate a broader area. Some of the best lights even let you adjust the angle of the beam.

6. Material

Pay close attention to the type of material your chosen underwater light is made of. It should be easily waterproof. While there are other possible options, steel and brass are by far the most popular. For use in a body of water, do not choose copper lights. As copper leaches into the water, it will eventually poison your fish.


How to Install Underwater light

Underwater light installation

1. Choose Your Placement

Decide where you would like them to be placed, how many you would need, and how far apart you should space them. Your preferred brightness level will determine the majority of these factors.

2. Install When Dry

Although the spotlights will be used underwater, it is better to install them when the fountain, pond, or water feature is dry. Hire a professional instead of doing it yourself if you can’t install them when it’s dry, as it’ll be much more complicated (and they may need to drain the water first).

3. Make the Holes

Start by drilling holes for the wiring in the lights, as well as for the base of the light fixture. Screws will be needed to anchor the fixture in place, so be sure to drill holes for those too.

4. Take Care of the Wiring

Once the holes have been drilled, you can place the wiring through them. Be sure to seal the wire with sealant.

5. Finish Installation and Seal

Secure the light in a place with screws or bolts, sealing up any areas where water could leak, including the holes you drilled and the back of the light.


Why Choose Underwater light from Lacelesty Lighting

When using Underwater lights from Lacelesty Lighting, you can forget about any concern whatsoever. The company always begins by purchasing the best raw materials and uses an efficient ISO9001-certified production cycle. And the expertise of seven years of experience and a slew of certifications for that extra peace of mind.

When it comes to Lacelesty Lighting products, no test is too tough and every product goes through rigorous testing to make sure it can stand up to extreme use and be versatile enough for different applications. In addition to things like a soaking test and a water pressure test, which are important for underwater use, other testing measures high-pressure sprays, high temperatures, freezing temperatures, and the aging effects.

Lacelesty lighting China manufacturer


Underwater lights are a convenient way to illuminate a pond, a pool, a fountain, or any other area of water. They can be used to improve the look and feel of the space, and to improve the safety and security of the area. When it comes to getting the right underwater light to fit your needs, come to Lacelesty Lighting for a comprehensive selection.

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