Will ChatGPT Replace Lighting Designers

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Recently, ChatGPT is not only popular in the world, but also has caused extensive discussions in the lighting circle. Today we will go deep into the professional field of lighting design to conduct multi-dimensional explorations, ChatHGPT principles, and functions, try lighting design, AI defects, and how to deal with AI technology. Progress etc.

What is ChatGPT?


ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot program developed by OpenAI. It is the latest achievement in the development of AI technology. It will be released in November 2022. In just two months, its active users exceeded 100 million, setting the fastest record with a large lead. Users can register and try it for free at present. After logging in, they can ask questions or requests, and it can quickly answer the questions, or give answers in different ways according to the requirements, such as text, tables, graphics, etc., and can be formatted according to the requirements Provide complex documentation.

What are the functions or advantages of ChatGPT?

Advantages and disadvantages of chatgpt

  1. As a chat program, ChatGPT can first answer the questions raised by users in a specific language according to the user’s requirements. Of course, it first has the ability to translate languages. According to the feedback from a large number of users, it is better than other translation software in terms of text output quality Performance.
  2. ChatGPT has undergone data training in large language models (LLMs). With the support of huge funds, this training process incorporates an even more astonishing amount of data. Therefore, as an intelligent chat robot, it has already been searched and aggregated when answering questions. After collecting a large amount of information, it can be said that he is like a person who is very knowledgeable, has a superb memory, and has a quick response. Not only is his knowledge very rich, but his organization is also very clear.
  3. ChatGPT can intelligently respond to user requirements, give answers in the required format, and even imitate the language style of a specific person or a certain type of article. In the answers given, text can take the form of narratives, stories, novels, screenplays, essays, reports, spreadsheets, computer code, and so on.

These capabilities enable ChatGPT to imitate human intelligence to the greatest extent at the current stage, so we see the possibility that it can replace human work in many fields or jobs.

Can ChatGPT do lighting design?

lighting designers

The AI technology represented by ChatGPT today is also based on rich and complete Internet information, providing us with the convenience of information collection, processing, and display.

The acquisition and application of this information is the main content of design, including lighting design. To complete a lighting design task, it is necessary to deal with information, including the collection and analysis of information such as standards, environment, history, culture, and customer requirements.

The application of text or drawing information, the communication of information with customers, etc. Therefore, whether it is AI or ChatGPT, their advantages in information storage, processing, and output mean that lighting design work with Strong working ability.

Testing Lighting Design using ChatGPT


Can ChatGPT replace the position of lighting designer?

Won’t. This is determined by the nature of AI technology and the nature of lighting designers. ChatGPT or other AI technologies will not replace lighting designers. The reasons are as follows:

①Design is a unique creative work for a specific case, and research is the weakness of AI.

Every design needs to be discussed case-by-case, and copying or simple patchwork does not design. The so-called designer is a person or job post who analyzes people and things, gives solutions through creation, innovation, or providing ideas, and expresses them. The so-called research is the process of using planned and systematic data collection, analysis and interpretation to obtain solutions to problems, and it is a process of using scientific methods to seek answers to questions.

AI technology, including the papers and reports provided by ChatGPT according to user requirements, is still the processing and expression of information. It is only in the form of research, and the most lacking is research ability. This kind of research is precisely the key reason why AI technology cannot replace lighting designers… Some researchers comment on the LLMs used in ChatGPT training as “fluent but not real”, and need to be vigilant about the accuracy of its output results; some people think that it is not reliable at all when answering questions, and sometimes produces wrong answers, requiring manual review.

Especially when it comes to abstract, ethical, psychological, and emotional factors, there are still insurmountable gaps in AI technology, partly because the timeliness, authenticity, and reliability of the corpus content used in these training are not all satisfactory.

②Creative thinking is the core strength of lighting designers and the weakness of AI.

There is no doubt about AI’s knowledge reserve, analysis, and comprehensive capabilities. But the key part of the lighting design process is the lighting designer’s conception process of the lighting design scheme, especially the knowledge system that integrates the designer’s personal knowledge process, life experience and experience, life thinking, psychological exploration, etc. , is the part that is difficult to cover and cannot have in the knowledge structure of AI.

③The uneven distribution of network information seriously restricts the application of AI technology in the field of lighting design.

The design that integrates local, regional, ethnic, historical, humanistic, psychological, and cultural characteristics is the designer’s advantage. Due to the specificity of network and information management methods, the distribution of information in current cyberspace is not balanced.

Lighting design is not a study of purely natural science but is closely related to the field of humanities and social sciences. This information gap has existed historically and is difficult to make up. AI technology based on network information is inherently weaker than lighting designers’ vision and experience when it comes to these issues.

④ How to develop and apply the AI technology represented by ChatGPT to lighting design is still the work of lighting designers.

AI technology serves people, and how to make it serve lighting design and lighting engineering construction is also one creative work. One of the most basic processes in the work of ChatGPT is to ask questions composed of keywords. For the same question, what keywords to use to ask questions requires users to think carefully and handle them carefully, otherwise, the results will be unpredictable.

In terms of the expression of design ideas, it is not just a matter of expression form, such as what text to use. How to arrange it? How to beautify the picture effect? For these problems, AI technology can provide a variety of recommendation solutions to help us improve and optimize. However, the choice of expression scheme must take into account the customer’s problems, such as preferences, interests, emotions, ideas, and other difficult-to-quantify content, which still requires the subjective judgment of the lighting designer, which is the strength of human beings and the weakness of AI.

Therefore, it should be pointed out that not all lighting design jobs and work links are stable. Many jobs in lighting design that lack creative needs and capabilities and consume a lot of labor costs will be squeezed out or even replaced by AI technology.

How respond to the development of AI technology?


Continuing the previous topic, AI technology should become an assistant to lighting designers, not an opponent.

In the field of lighting design, the potential of AI technology should be exploited to the greatest extent for my own use, and the role of AI technology should be played in the early, middle, and late stages of design projects, including project information collection and processing, design plan generation and expression, and communication with customers Etc., improve the quality of design work in an all-round way and improve efficiency.

Lighting designers also need to consciously use AI technologies such as ChatGPT to develop their own new ideas in creative design, creative thinking, and research work.

The application development of AI technology in the field of lighting design is also an important job in the future. The current ChatGPT is just an underlying platform of AI intelligent technology, and a lot of work is still needed for its application in specific industries. Its impact on the ecology of the lighting industry will be huge and far-reaching.

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